Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun times at the beach

Spring is here which has allowed Kep and I to enjoy some fun times at the beach (with some of his cousins of course!)

Enjoying a nice breeze.

Please play with me Abby!

Waaiiit uupppp!

Stop ignoring me!

Oh sure, you'll play with your brother.

You're killing me here!

That's ok, I can play by myself!

Splashing, splashing, splashing.

Yesss!! She's finally paying attention to me!

OMG this is awesome!!

(notice his feet still aren't touching the ground)

This is fun! I love the beach!

And with this nice weather Tycho has gotten out to do lots of hiking. In fact he has lost 3 lbs in the last couple weeks just from all the extra exercise (which is a good thing since his grandparents will be home soon and always fatten him up!).

Here's Tycho relaxing after a recent hike.

Some more fun photos...

Boys are dumb!

What Kepler would look like with prick ears

Whew, what a fun day!