Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long overdue!

In the past month Kepler has graduated from puppy class, gone to daycare, grown to over 30 lbs, and made some new friends along the way. Those of you who have raised a puppy before (or a baby!) will understand why I haven't had a ton of time to blog about it!

Kepler keeps me very busy, he's a far cry from the puppy I got 2 months ago, the one that actually concerned me because he would collapse in a heap after walking a few steps. We regularly go to Bridgeman for hikes with his new friend Bella, a 15 month old Golden Retriever that I started walking. The two are almost impossible to walk on-leash together because they are always in a tangled ball wrestling, but they are both exhausted after. Kepler still loves the water, I can't keep him out of it. And since a recent trip up to Whistler for a day at the lake, he actually swims now! Being the water dog that he is now, he also loves going to Ambleside dog beach.

I have been pet sitting a lot lately, but I'm happy to be at home with Tycho for the first night in nearly 3 weeks. He hasn't been doing well lately so I've been eager to be at home with him. Last month we had to take him off his pain medication for his hip dysplasia because of kidney and liver problems in his blood work. We retested him this week because he was vomiting daily and the blood doesn't look much better. Luckily I work at a vet clinic and can get him in for an ultrasound soon to make sure this isn't anything serious. He only 6 and a half years old but my poor Tyke is an old man before his time. The good news for Tycho in the last month is that I found a surgeon that will be able to give him a total hip replacement for about $2000, which is a huge deal! I'm hoping that he will get the surgery done by October and have a new lease on life.

"Mom, I think I'm getting to big for this kennel..."

"Seriously, I don't fit in this anymore..."

"Much better, I'll share a big run with my brother"

On the beach in Whistler

In his hole taking a break from swimming

His new best friend Salt

"Mom I think I'm winning!"

Sigh, my grown-up boy

Thats all for tonight, I have a German Shepherd (thats right!) that needs some cuddles.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A puppy, a baby and a horse!

Today Kepler and I joined Erika and baby Loic on a trip to go see her horse Jeffree. Kepler was a bit nervous at first, but soon realized that: horses = cookies. A realization he was very happy to have come across. Eventually he approached Jeff with interest. Kepler also learned today that horse manure is yummy. It was a great morning! Even Loic, who was nervous of horses the last time he saw them, pet Jeffree.

Kepler meeting Jeffree

Loic petting Jeffree (note the look of shock on Erika's face)

Jeffree, myself, and Lolo

This afternoon Erika and I took the dogs for a walk at Bridgeman. I forgot my camera, but it must be noted that Toby and Kepler raced around together and had a blast! Kepler also dove into the water a few times, he definitely loves water this dog! What a great way to end yet another busy weekend.