Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Socializing

So I am proud to say that in his first week with me, I would guess that Kepler has met over 100 new people and about as many dogs. Thanks to his Aunt Jody finding fun events for us to go to we have been doing lots of socializing. We've been to Ambleside dog beach a couple times, Kits beach, Bridgeman park, gone to a couple softball games, and a BBQ among other things. On Canada Day we went to take in the Granville Island festivities and let me say that it takes a long time to walk around Granville Island with a puppy as cute as Kepler. We were stopped by just about everybody wanting a chance to have a quick cuddle with the little guy. Kepler had only one minor freak out at the parade. I think the noise of the tuba and drums from the band was a bit much for him, but luckily he recovered quickly with just a few liver treats. 

Kepler and his cousin Ryan (Jody's rescue Border Collie) on Canada Day

By the end of the day Kepler was fast asleep in Jody's arms

Yesterday we went to watch a bit of the Jazz Festival that has taken over the city.  Again we were constantly stopped by people wanting to visit with the cute puppy, and Kepler enjoyed every minute of it.   He is always happy to meet someone new.  He seems to especially like kids and actually seeks them out if they neglect to say a proper hi to him.  After about an hour of walking around checking out the booths we got some ice cream and picked out a spot on the grass. Luckily Kepler was so exhausted he slept on the grass like a perfect puppy for over an hour while we listened to the music.   On the way home we stopped in China town and Kepler met some very interesting people, not to mention the parade of protesters that we met at the corner of Main and Hastings.  All in all a good day of socialization for the little man.

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