Sunday, August 8, 2010

A puppy, a baby and a horse!

Today Kepler and I joined Erika and baby Loic on a trip to go see her horse Jeffree. Kepler was a bit nervous at first, but soon realized that: horses = cookies. A realization he was very happy to have come across. Eventually he approached Jeff with interest. Kepler also learned today that horse manure is yummy. It was a great morning! Even Loic, who was nervous of horses the last time he saw them, pet Jeffree.

Kepler meeting Jeffree

Loic petting Jeffree (note the look of shock on Erika's face)

Jeffree, myself, and Lolo

This afternoon Erika and I took the dogs for a walk at Bridgeman. I forgot my camera, but it must be noted that Toby and Kepler raced around together and had a blast! Kepler also dove into the water a few times, he definitely loves water this dog! What a great way to end yet another busy weekend.

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  1. Toby and Kepler racing around was hysterical to watch; I have honestly never seen Toby do that much running on one walk! And Kepler sure does love the water!