Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is not the time of year...

...to have a bare hind end! Brrr it's been chilly lately. Snow. Rain. Ice. Not fun for a half naked German Shepherd, right?

Wrong!! He loves it!!

Tycho can't help but have a fit of puppy zoomies when in the snow. Of course all that fun probably isn't good for a healing hip, but at least we are 6 weeks in now. In fact he has an appointment tomorrow for his repeat x-rays. If all looks good he can start going for short walks. And it would be nice if I could stop carrying him up and down stairs, my back would certainly appreciate it.

Look at that fuzz he's got growing in!

Of course Kepler is enjoying the snow too. He's dying to play with his brother again, who knows when that will be allowed.

Mmmm snow is yummy...

Oh my God this is AWESOME!

All that playing in the snow is exhausting.

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